About Me

Hello! I am known online as AlexDevs and Ale32bit, but you can call me Alex or Ale.
I'm a fellow Swiss citizen and I am currently studying computer science.

My hobbies include developing web services, experimenting with tools and video games.
My favorite videogames are Minecraft and Portal 2. I enjoy RPG, puzzle and adventure genres.

I use C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Lua in my projects other than HTML and CSS for web development.



Web service to upload and share textual content and programming snippets.

Powered by ASP.NET Core 5 (C#) and Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

DevBin GitHub


An experiment that evolved into a fantasy console.
Use the scripting language Lua 5.4 to create programs, games and whatever your imagination can.

Powered by .NET Core 5 (C#), Lua 5.4 and SDL2.

Eight GitHub

Contact Me

You can find me in the following socials:

Discord: AlexDevs#5164

GitHub: Ale32bit

Steam: AlexDevs

Telegram: Alex16bit

E-mail: [email protected]

Also join my Discord Server: